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Name:peace ,2017-07-18 05:24:07 PM
Subject: Liu Xiaobo
Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the root of human nature, and the mother of truth

-Liu Xiaobo

(From Mainichi Shinbun)

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-16 04:11:23 PM
Subject: Coldest day in winter
It is very cold today. It was cold yesterday, too. Oh yes day before yesterday it was cold as well. It is Daikan(=Coldest day in winter),
that7s why it is so cold!

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-12 05:41:21 PM
Subject: Lunch
I had Stir-fried vegetables, a portion of rice and miso soup.

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-06 09:58:26 AM
Subject: lunch
I had carried rice and oden(radish and deviled tongue) for my lunch. Paid 560yen. It was warm in the restaurant here at Namba.

Name:Kansai ,2016-12-28 04:58:58 PM
Subject: eel
I had eel at lunch, it was good. I paid 2000yen.

Name:Osaka ,2016-12-16 01:21:39 PM
Subject: cold
It is very cold here in Osaka. I wore a thick over court today, though it is still cold.

Name:Kansai ,2016-12-02 01:10:12 PM
Subject: Lunch
I had Stir-fried vegetables set meal for my lunch. I paid 650yen. It was quite good. The place is at Sakaisuji Street. Name of the restaurant is Miyamoto Munashi.

Name:Shock ,2016-11-25 04:51:34 PM
Subject: static electricity
I always get static electricity and always get shocked. Do you know anyone, how to get from this shock?

Name:Namba ,2016-11-25 03:54:58 PM
Subject: lunch
As usual I had lunch at Hanamaru restaurant located Namba-nansandori in front of Takashimaya Dept at Namba. Small Curry and rice Oden(radishes and devils tang). Taste was good and price was good,too.
Waitress ware good, too.

Name:Nanba city ,2016-11-16 04:25:25 PM
Subject: lunch
Day before yesterday I ate Akisusume-teisyoku(udon)at Kineya restaurant at Namba City. In the noodle there were vegetables a shrimp and some other things. I paid 980yen

Name:City ,2016-11-16 02:03:35 PM
Subject: lunch with friend
I had lunch with friend at Namba City. I had Kenchin-soba teisyoku. It was good. After lunch we to BLUE HAWAII tea room. We ordered two cups of coffee and payed 691yen.

Name:Osaka ,2016-11-12 04:09:59 PM
Subject: Fine day
It is a fine day today. It is no wind, not cold,the sun is shining here in Central Osaka City.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-09 03:32:23 PM
Subject: Stir-fried vegetables
I had Stir-fried vegetables set meal for my lunch. I paid 790yen. It was quite good. The place is east side of Takashimaya Dept.at Namba. Name of the restaurant is Yayoite.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-08 01:45:33 PM
Subject: rain
When I left home it was not raining. But when I arrived the station it was raining a bit. At lunch time it was raining.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-07 03:59:57 PM
Subject: Cool
It was cool in the morning but in the afternoon it became much warmer than this morning!

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-04 02:11:22 PM
Subject: lunch
I went to have lunch at Kineya restaurant located Namba City. I ordered tempura udon and rice. I paid
just over 900yen.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-03 02:24:55 PM
Subject: Udon
I had udon at Namba. It was too solty unfortunately,
I ordered a portion of rice but too hard! I will not go there again.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-02 11:22:23 AM
Subject: Cold
It is very cold here in central Osaka. But it is very fine day today. How about your city?

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-01 11:06:52 AM
Subject: Coffee
On Sunday I went to Nodahanshin and on my way back home I had a cup of coffee in front of the station.It was 299yen at Vie De France.

Name:Kansai ,2016-10-31 04:55:12 PM
Subject: cold
This morning, when I leave home, I wore a half coat because it was cold. I wore a half coat and went to the restaurant for lunch.

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