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Name:0912 ,2017-09-12 03:59:19 PM
Subject: Tagalog
We are looking for interpreters a temporary wolker.
Tagalog-Japanese in Kansai area.
Please let me know if you have any questions.

Name:kansai ,2017-09-11 01:06:18 PM
Subject: interpreters
Hello. We are looking for interpreters. Malay-Japanese and Vietnamese-Japanese in Kansai area. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Name:Jack ,2017-09-06 09:43:30 AM
Subject: total solar eclipse
The stars came out in the middle of the day and a chilly darkness settled upon the land on Aug.21 as the United States witnessed its first coast-to-coast total solar eclipse in 99 years. Millions of Americans gazed in wonder at the cosmic spectacle, with the best seats along the path of totality in 14 sates from Oregon to South Carolina.(AP) (From Mainichi Shinbun)

Name:peace ,2017-07-18 05:24:07 PM
Subject: Liu Xiaobo
Freedom of expression is the foundation of human rights, the root of human nature, and the mother of truth

-Liu Xiaobo

(From Mainichi Shinbun)

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-16 04:11:23 PM
Subject: Coldest day in winter
It is very cold today. It was cold yesterday, too. Oh yes day before yesterday it was cold as well. It is Daikan(=Coldest day in winter),
that7s why it is so cold!

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-12 05:41:21 PM
Subject: Lunch
I had Stir-fried vegetables, a portion of rice and miso soup.

Name:Naniwa ,2017-01-06 09:58:26 AM
Subject: lunch
I had carried rice and oden(radish and deviled tongue) for my lunch. Paid 560yen. It was warm in the restaurant here at Namba.

Name:Kansai ,2016-12-28 04:58:58 PM
Subject: eel
I had eel at lunch, it was good. I paid 2000yen.

Name:Osaka ,2016-12-16 01:21:39 PM
Subject: cold
It is very cold here in Osaka. I wore a thick over court today, though it is still cold.

Name:Kansai ,2016-12-02 01:10:12 PM
Subject: Lunch
I had Stir-fried vegetables set meal for my lunch. I paid 650yen. It was quite good. The place is at Sakaisuji Street. Name of the restaurant is Miyamoto Munashi.

Name:Shock ,2016-11-25 04:51:34 PM
Subject: static electricity
I always get static electricity and always get shocked. Do you know anyone, how to get from this shock?

Name:Namba ,2016-11-25 03:54:58 PM
Subject: lunch
As usual I had lunch at Hanamaru restaurant located Namba-nansandori in front of Takashimaya Dept at Namba. Small Curry and rice Oden(radishes and devils tang). Taste was good and price was good,too.
Waitress ware good, too.

Name:Nanba city ,2016-11-16 04:25:25 PM
Subject: lunch
Day before yesterday I ate Akisusume-teisyoku(udon)at Kineya restaurant at Namba City. In the noodle there were vegetables a shrimp and some other things. I paid 980yen

Name:City ,2016-11-16 02:03:35 PM
Subject: lunch with friend
I had lunch with friend at Namba City. I had Kenchin-soba teisyoku. It was good. After lunch we to BLUE HAWAII tea room. We ordered two cups of coffee and payed 691yen.

Name:Osaka ,2016-11-12 04:09:59 PM
Subject: Fine day
It is a fine day today. It is no wind, not cold,the sun is shining here in Central Osaka City.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-09 03:32:23 PM
Subject: Stir-fried vegetables
I had Stir-fried vegetables set meal for my lunch. I paid 790yen. It was quite good. The place is east side of Takashimaya Dept.at Namba. Name of the restaurant is Yayoite.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-08 01:45:33 PM
Subject: rain
When I left home it was not raining. But when I arrived the station it was raining a bit. At lunch time it was raining.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-07 03:59:57 PM
Subject: Cool
It was cool in the morning but in the afternoon it became much warmer than this morning!

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-04 02:11:22 PM
Subject: lunch
I went to have lunch at Kineya restaurant located Namba City. I ordered tempura udon and rice. I paid
just over 900yen.

Name:Kansai ,2016-11-03 02:24:55 PM
Subject: Udon
I had udon at Namba. It was too solty unfortunately,
I ordered a portion of rice but too hard! I will not go there again.

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