We specialize in interpretation, translation, tour guiding, multilingual internet broadcasting, and

language teaching, etc. Please leave your tasks with us! We bring countries of the world closer together by helping people understanding each other better. We form a bridge betweenJapan and the world through our excellent interpretation andtranslation services. We work with over 190 differentlanguages, including English, Russian, Chinese, and Persian...any language to make your business run smoothly. We are one of the most well-established interpretation andtranslation companies in Japan, offering high quality language services to individuals and companies. We send professional interpreters to meet your specific requirements, whether they are business negotiations, international conventions, seminars, lecture meetings, or pleasure tours.
Your satisfaction is guaranteed when you use our specialist interpreters, translators, tour guides, instructors for whatever service you require.

E-mail : kokusai@kokusai.ne.jp
Phone : 81-(0)6-6631-1718
Facsimile : 81-(0)6-6631-9771